Finding a Girlfriend

August 28, 2012

find a girlfriend

find a girlfriend

There are many guys who don’t have a girlfriend. It’s mostly because they don’t know how to find a girlfriend.

Some guys are just clueless when it comes to getting a girlfriend.

There are also guys who seem to have a way with girls since girls go to them instead.

If you want to make the one you’re eyeing right now as your girlfriend, now is a good time to start.

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend, you have to learn about women. You have to understand their needs and wants.

If you do, it will be easier to get a girlfriend who’ll love you.

There are some basic wants a girl have that you should know. They want a guy who can take care of himself, a confident guy.

Most women needs to feel a sense of security which a confident guy can give.

They will always be attracted to guys who are confident. They expect men to always take the lead and get what they want.

Becoming confident is one of the key things you should know to get a girlfriend. You’ll need it if you want to approach a girl you like.

You’ll also need it when things go out of control. It’s usually better to have confidence than to be rich or handsome.

If you’re naturally shy, just make a move.

You don’t have to wait for the girl to notice you.

Get her attention by being different from the crowd. To do this you need confidence, humor, and some creativity goes a long way.

Learn how to flirt

Girls love to flirt.

Make her aware that you feel something for her. Don’t make the mistake of being to nice that you’ll be categorized as friends.

Again be creative on how you do things.

Make yourself look good

Dress yourself that will make you desirable.

Do proper hygiene so she won’t have anything to complain about. If you’re close with her friends, you can them for some tips and what she likes in a guy.

Having your own sense of style can be also attractive to women. If you’re not sure what that means in getting a girlfriend, take a look in the mirror and make some changes. Be clean in everything.

That includes you body and the clothes you wear. Just be comfortable in what you’re wearing and you’ll get a girl to notice you in to time.

Make her laugh

If you’re with her, tell jokes and be funny.

Girls prefer guys who can make them laugh. It’s one of the best things you can have to get a girlfriend.

Just like confidence, women likes a man who can make her laugh. Try to be funny around women and you’ll have a girl in no time.

Most of the time that’s the reason why women are around a man.

Learn about her likes

Is she into sport? Does she like shopping?

Then you can start a conversation with her interests and she’ll like you even more. Now that she know you have something in common you can do activities together.

Make her friends you friends

That way you’ll have common friends and you’ll get to know more about her from her friends.

Be yourself and don’t try to copy someone and be something you’re not. Be genuine. It’s better that way and it’ll last much longer.

Be your natural self when you’re around and attracting the girl you like.

Learning things about women with the best attract women books and having a girlfriend is easy. Using the information and doing stuff with it is the hard part.

Do something and pretty soon other guys will be the one asking you for advice.

These simple things should be enough to get yourself a girlfriend. Remember, you don’t need to be rich and handsome to have a girlfriend.

All you need is yourself and some tips on how to do it right. But if you desire something more and would like to challenge yourself, there are many ways you can do that.