You can make others around you to laugh more if you bring laughter into your life.

You can reduce their stress levels and improve the quality of the interaction.

Dates become worst if there is no laughter and is filled with lots of dead air. At the same time.

Humor can change a very bad date into a very good date. It can even transform a tragic situation and save a relationship.

And bring two people closer together.Image

Why is laughter so important when attracting women? Because most girls are most attracted to humor.

It certainly helps to overlook flaws.

A laugh or a smile can help you and other people feel better. As it shortens the gap between the two of you.

And on a wider scale…

It unites, especially when people laugh together. Because it is enjoyed best when shared with others.

Humor makes it easier for us to connect with others.

Humor helps us forget about bad emotions and replace it with good feelings. You cannot feel angry, depressed, anxious, guilty, or resentful and feel happy at the same time.

Humor can change behavior.

When we are happy, we talk more, make more eye contact, and touch others.

Humor also increases energy, and with increased energy we can perform activities that we otherwise avoid.

Humor is good for mental health because it makes us feel good!

If that wasn’t enough for you…

Men who have a good sense of humor ranks high in personality traits that attract women, that’s according to surveys.

Having a great sense of humor can make a lot of difference when dating women.

Girls see a guy with a great sense of humor attractive because it makes the conversation lighter. A guy who is very serious in life makes the conversation heavy and boring.

A great sense of humor is linked to intelligence because a man with wits thinks fast and able to produce jokes instantly.

Funny guys are attractive, because they tend to be creative. They also have the ability to understand another’s point of view.

It is often said that laughter is the best medicine.

It benefits the body and the emotion.

It boosts the immune system, reduce stress, relax the muscles, lowers blood pressure, increases pain tolerance, and hastens healing.

No wonder women feels good while being with a man who has a great sense of humor.

Men with sense of humor are always cheerful. Each day is sunny. Confident that all problems will pass and move on with hope.

Even when you are not attractive physically, women will be drawn to you if you have a sense of humor.

Women are more at ease with guys who has sense of humor. They can relax and be able to open up with anything. A man with a great sense of humor makes the woman feel confident.

Ways to sharpen and improve your sense of humor.

  • Focus on the funny side of things. Begin to see humor in things you do. Even in problems that may come and deal with them without stress.
  • Find and connect with humorous and fun loving people.
  • Go to happy places and engage in fun and lively activities.
  • Try laughing at yourself and the situation around you. Many guys can’t do this because of fears and insecurity. They’re scared to look silly and appear foolish to others. Not knowing that a laugh can make them appear more human when they make mistakes.
  • Read humorous books and collect jokes. So that When you need a joke, there’s always one ready.
  • Neutralize arguments with humor. When things get uptight, use self-deprecating humor to lighten things up. It encourages humility and nurtures courage.
  • If you’re trying online dating, write something funny that demonstrates you have a sense of humor. Men need to demonstrate sense of humor both on your profile and on the first date. Women complain on the first date that the guy was just too serious. Guys who demonstrate sense of humor on dates usually have excellent results.
  • Use humor to talk with any woman. Use comedy to increase a woman’s attraction for you. When that girl hit you, you turn it around and made it funny. Keep coming up with new creative ways to tease.

Both men and women both says a good sense of humor as one of the most attractive qualities they look for in a mate.

They look for it equally.

They want a partner who is entertaining and fun.

And what’s the best kind of humor that attracts women? It’s high status humor.

When you use humor in diffusing tension and conflict, relationships tend to last longer.

Studies show that people who joke with their spouses in everyday situations tend to be happier in their relationship than couples who don’t.

Having a sense of humor in relationship will add zest, help it become rewarding, and help see life in a different perspective.