Can’t Wait to Make Small Talk Sexy

March 6, 2014

ImageWant to talk to a girl but don’t know how to get started?

But most of the time, a little preparation is all that’s required.

If you become skilled in making small talk, you’ll be seen as a more open and friendly person.

Don’t get left out of your peers, you should at least talk to another soul and make small talk sexy.

All is good when you know how to make small talk but don’t forget to balance things out and don’t go overboard.

Small talk is just a pleasant conversation with someone.

There’s really no limit to what you can talk about when you’re making some small talk. You know, being able to make small talk can be a good thing for you.

You can easily make friends just because you can easily talk them about anything. You won’t believe how many good relationships started about something trivial like the weather.

Practice Making Small Talk

Obviously, the best thing you can to make talking easy is simple talk. Simply make it a point to talk to someone you encounter along the way like that waiter.

Don’t pick any age bracket, just go ahead and talk to that old dude over there. Chat with some tourists along the way.

Even someone you often encounter can be a good conversation partner.

You can get some good ideas from newspaper and magazine for some things you can talk about. Read any source of information you can get your hands on.

If you watch television, you’ll never run out of small talk subjects to bring up when you want.

There’s the internet where you can read about anything that interest you that might also interest someone. When you hear something good, it’s better to remember it than just ignore it.

Think of the beautiful places you see, even misunderstandings you have can be a good opening line. You can practice in front of the mirror if you’re not confident with talking, yet.

All the various things you know will help you greatly with making small talk happen. Because the more you know, the more you can talk about.

Be ready for small talk

The best thing you can do to start is make yourself open for small talk. There’s always a chance to talk to someone when you’re just waiting for something.

If the situation doesn’t seem to allow it, you just have to adapt to it a little.

Try hosting a party or going to one if you want to really get it going. Don’t force yourself into the conversation with someone, just keep it natural.

Making your body language open and approachable should help you with this.

Keep your attention focused on her using your eyes and you communicate to her what you want to say. Some make the mistake of being too eager. Again this is a mistake. Don’t do it.

Don’t lean in too close to her.

It can seem like you’re overwhelming her which is not cool at all. When you know her already, you can get away with just a simple greeting with her name.

Don’t make it complicated and just keep it simple and direct.

But when you don’t know her, you want to be confident with your introductions with her.  When you get to know her name, repeat it when you talk to her to make her feel special.

Actually talk to her when you’re talking to her.

Give her the attention she deserves.

When you’re exchanging information, keep it light and positive. It’s great when you can accomplish that with just about anyone you can talk to, really. It gives the conversation more energy and keeps it going no matter what you’re talking about.

Anything that’s negative in nature will probably turn her off so don’t go there if you can. Don’t let the rest of your days affect your conversation with her, she’ll just feel bad about hearing it.

Anything will do for small talk

When you can’t think of anything to say, blurt out a compliment that’s true.

You can make her feel appreciated when you say something good about her before you get going again. Keep your ears peeled for something worthy to talk about like common interests. It doesn’t have anything special, just something you both shared.

Something that’s sure to make her connected to you is always a good bet. Even when you think it’s not a good topic, you never know where it can lead you. When you can find a common interest, keep to it.

Share something personal about yourself and elaborate on what you really mean to say.

Of course, you don’t want to be overly personal with her. Why would you?

It’s too soon.

Ask her some questions about herself then so she can talk more about her after you’re done.

Questions are always a good way to know more about her when you need to. If you’re gonna ask her something, beware of asking something that’s too personal for new friends to know about. Be sure it’s fun and light and positive.

Get her talking about what she really likes and let her keep talking about it.

Then, based on whet she says, you can then say something else that’s funny or another question about what she said.

If she’s becoming uncomfortable, don’t ask too many questions to keep her at ease. You don’t want to make her feel like she’s being interrogated for something she didn’t do.

Give her some room to talk but maintain a proper balance between talking and asking.

Once you get the conversation going, you can think about what to talk about next. But best of all, be a better listener.

When you get to really listen to her something magical truly happens. This can help you find more things to talk about and lead the conversation to something more fun.

Listen to other small talk

Be sure you’re listening intently so you wouldn’t miss something important that could lead to somewhere good.

Don’t worry about talking too much just don’t forget to listen.

You can make people keep on talking and talking if you can just listen to them. Letting others tell their own opinion will improve the quality of the discussion.

Before you part ways, you’ll know more things about her than most people do about you.

The experience alone will make her feel really good and the connection you’ve made with her will be stronger.

If it goes well, suggest other times to talk and meet again or just mention a place you’ll both be.

Say something about how you enjoy the conversation with her and then ask her to meet you again.

When it’s time to go, make sure you make her feel important.

Making small talk can happen anywhere so keep yourself open for them. This will help you work on you confidence and overcoming your shyness.